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Venture Miami Built in Miami Startup Program's mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and tech professionals in the Miami area by providing them with the resources, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to build their startups throughout with 6 months long free program. The past few years, Miami has attracted incredible talent, innovation, funding, and community across the startup ecosystem. Now, it’s time to take these new resources and build ground-breaking companies right here in our city. Together, we will shape the future of South Florida's startup ecosystem. Explore the distinct phases of the Build in Miami Incubator Program and join us in creating a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

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Empowering Miami's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Cultivating Success and Innovation in the Local Tech Community

The Build in Miami initiative's mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and tech professionals in the Miami area by providing them with the resources, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to succeed in today's competitive startup landscape. We believe in the immense potential of Miami's entrepreneurial ecosystem and are dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth among local startups and businesses.

Through our tailored programs, expert guidance, and collaborative initiatives, we aim to inspire and equip Miami's tech community to build successful companies, create job opportunities, and contribute to the city's economic development.

Provide and facilitate the best connection to resources in Miami's ecosystem
Prepare Local Startups
Leverage data and relationships to better connect local companies with investors interested in Miami companies
Connect Capital
Identify the investors, companies, and resources that will define Miami's strongest industries
Build Industry

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Zero to One Sprint

Zero to One Startup Sprint: A Launchpad for Your Business Idea

Transform Your Vision into a Viable Prototype in Just Six Weeks.

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Action-oriented approach

Engage in hands-on activities designed to convert your ideas into working prototypes through a six-week, in-person sprint course.

Expert coaching and frameworks

Receive valuable guidance from experienced coaches and apply proven frameworks to streamline your development process.

Collaborative environment

Join a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, exchanging ideas and experiences to enhance your startup journey.

Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs

Perfect for those ready to take the first steps toward making their business idea a reality.


P2P: Prototype to Product - Create, Collaborate and Build

Pair with Designers and Developers to Create Your Team and Build Your Product


Connect with Talent

Form dynamic teams by pairing with local designers and developers to bring your ideas to life.


Craft Your Product

Transform prototypes into market-ready products with your technology and innovative design.


Perfect Your Creation

Enhance your product through iterative refinements for optimal functionality and market fit.


Propel to Market

Debut your product in the market, leveraging Miami's vibrant startup ecosystem for a successful launch with a community support


Get Investment Ready

Strategically broaden your market footprint to capture new audiences and drive revenue growth.

Investor Demo Day

Showcase your startup at our Investor Demo Day, attracting local investors and securing opportunities for funding.

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